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Will your next trip be close to home or across the globe? How will you document your journey? Who will you go with, and where will you stay? My mission is to help you make all of these decisions and many, many more.

Let’s start planning!



is your preview

of LIFE'S coming


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Client Consultation
It's time to get started in curating your grand escape. However we need to take care of a little business first.


  • Completing the client inquiry form indicates you can make a deposit on your package within 72 hours or less from the date you receive your quote. If you have no intentions on booking that soon, it is our recommendation you do not submit a client inquiry form.
  • Pricing and availability are always subject to change
  • 2 weeks after we have sent pricing, the inquiry is no longer active and a new form and fee are required for additional pricing. 
  • Our current turn around time is 3 business days. Weekends are not included in the 3 business days. As long as you receive a confirmation after submitting this form, that means we received your inquiry. All communication for your trip prior to travel are via email.

STEP 1- Fill out the client inquiry form.

STEP 2- Pay the consultation fee, based on the destination search.**
STEP 3- SIT BACK & RELAX! We will contact you within 72 hrs. 
**Consultation fee is non-refundable/transferable and does not go toward purchase balance.

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Whether its a Broadway play, going to see your favorite home or jamming with todays hottest artist, Golden Tickets has you covered.

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